Review of The Top Gold IRA Companies

Have you heard of gold IRA companies? Have you bothered to look at their reviews?

gold ira companies reviews

The economy is very unstable, the stock market is extremely volatile, and more than ever, there is a great threat of hyperinflation in our economy today.

When you combine these horrible factors, you have every reason to be concerned about your retirement age, by this I am referring to your future.

However, if you are thinking of a viable investment or a place that is guaranteed to put your savings for retirement, it is a good thing to think about an individual retirement account (IRA) that is very safe and will not lose its value.

Gold IRA companies reviews

Gold IRA Company reviews

Over the years gold has been appreciating its value. Therefore, when you invest in it, be rest assured that you are investing in a commodity that does not have a history of depreciation in value, unlike other investments with high ups and downs.

A Gold IRA Rollover is a viable and consistent investment that offers a strong security in diversifying your investments to avoid relying extensively on one unsafe venture.

Adding gold and silver to your IRA is a smart investment decision but also a venture if you do not know how to avoid the different gold scams out there.

A lot of old people have lost thousands to fraudulent businesses by making the wrong choice and not choosing a strong and reliable Gold IRA company. However, there are firms that are among the best rated gold IRA companies in the world and have good qualifications from the gold IRA company.

We have put together our list of the top gold IRA companies, from the highest to the lowest.

Criteria for choosing gold IRA companies

Regal Assets, Rosland Capital, Monex, GoldSilver, JM Bullion, Advantage Gold are all legitimate gold IRA companies you can work with in your plans to invest in gold. But, what makes them the ideal company for you to work with? Below is a list of criteria you should look:

#1 Companies that listen, communicate and educate

A good Gold IRA Rollover company will take their time to listen to your situation, rub mind with you and subsequently offer a professional service. This is one of our primary criteria for our list of the best rated gold IRA companies.

#2 Secure a safe place for your investment portfolio.

Following uncertainty with world economies and their continued decline, a reliable gold IRA firm will help protect your funds and really improve the profits you observe on your investments since gold has always worked well when all other types of investments and money falter or fail.

#3 Avoid tax fines during rollover

Our best rated gold IRA companies were selected based on their ability to ensure customers can transfer their existing individual retirement account directly into a gold IRA without any tax penalties. This is essential!

#4 Work directly with the Custodians

A top gold IRA companies should be happy to take all the burden and hassle of finding and dealing with a custodian instead of you. They will get your case against the best-authorized custodians who deal specifically with precious metals investments.

#5 Flat and economical rates

Regardless of the quality of their services, a good Gold IRA company will not include hidden charges on your offer or jerk-up price by updating a number of precious metals in your wallet.

#6 Ratings

This is another very important criterion. We look at some of their BBB and Trustlink ratings, and also their complaints. Choosing a company that combines the gold IRA company ratings with the above authorities is one of what we consider in the list.

That being said, here are our selections of the best rated gold IRA companies in the world.

  1. Regal assets

Regal Assets, a BBB A+ company, provides online or in-person informational inquiries for potential investors and clients.

With standard advantages like an account concierge, the option to store gold with Brink’s, and gold bundles ranging from economy to quarter-million dollar investments, Regal has definitely earned a 5-star rating, a well-deserved gold IRA company rating.

Customer criticism, virtually zero complaints, a competitive pricing structure and a large selection of precious metals and IRA-approved bullion coins are the reasons Regal Assets ranked first in the list of top Gold IRA companies.

Regal Assets charges $0 for rollover/transfer fees, offers guaranteed shipping in less than seven days (the fastest in the industry) and charges $0 of storage and administration expenses for the first year.


BBB Rating: A+, 4.67 rating out of 5
TrustLink Rating: 4.9 rating out of 5 based on 1,021 reviews
BCA Rating: AAA, 5 rating out of 5, 0 complaints in the last three years


  1. Rosland Capital

Rosland Capital has been known to be in business for several years and is based in Los Angeles, California.

The owner of this firm has acquired more than twenty years of experience working with precious metals. Rosland Capital, specializing in gold IRAs, offers precious metals and consultation, as well as direct online purchase.

Rates include storage and sales commissions. They offer good advice and a wide selection of products. However, slow shipment, lack of agent availability, and damaged products are among the complaints that earned this gold IRA company a poor rating.

Rosland Capital has a BBB A+ rating and has been trading since 2008. That is more than eight years of business accreditation. In the last three years, they have had over 23 complaints.

Rosland Capital currently offers silver, gold, palladium, platinum, bar and test coins. They have a minimum investment of $ 1500 and a maximum online order of $ 10,000. If you plan to order more than $ 10,000 in services, you must talk to one of their representatives.


BBB Rating: A+, 23 complaints in the last three years
TrustLink Rating: 4.0 rating out of 5 based on 64 reviews
BCA Rating
: AAA, 1 complaints in the last three years


  1. Monex

Monex is a gold IRA family business established in 1997 and has $30 billion in client assets. Monex offers a variety of precious metals in the form of bars and coins.

However, not all of their products are eligible to be stored in an IRA. In addition, Monex offers preferential discount prices to customers that are part of its Atlas account program.

According to some of their clients, aggressive reps call incessantly and even encourage people to take loans to buy gold they press to store with them. It is alleged that Monex has been attacked by federal regulators several times for fraud.

Although Monex offers IRA investment solutions to its clients, the company does so through its affiliation with third-party gold IRA custodians, whose identities are not available for viewing on its website.

This means that you would have to call to get going with a custodian who is right for you by their standards. This does not really give you much opportunity to compare prices and other features beforehand, being that you do not even know which IRA custodians they are associated.


BBB Rating: A+, 6 complaints in the last three years
Trustlink: 4.2 rating out of 5, based on 40 reviews
BCA: AAA, 1 complaint in the last three years


  1. Texas Precious Metals

Since 2011, Texas Precious Metals has been selling precious metals and products for the United States Mint and the Australian Perth Mint.

They maintain a segregated storage facility certified by COMEX. Texas Precious Metals has mostly favorable reviews and rating. Their practices and reputation have earned this Gold IRA Company a place on our list.


BBB Rating: A+, 1 complaints in the last three years
Trustlink: No Reviews


  1. GoldSilver

Owned by a well-known author, this company offers emergency food supplies as well as precious metals, a newsletter, financial education and vault storage. They also offer gold and silver; and deal with brands such as United States Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Johnson Matthey, Austrian Mint, Sun Mint, Credit Suisse, Valcambi and Gold Bullion Jewelry. is competitively priced on most all of the products they offer. This includes the later date and the current year Silver Eagles as well as different forms of other gold and silver coins, bars and rounds. also has very competitive prices on gold and silver jewelry, as well as “Survival Food”., which operates under Gold & Silver Inc., has had 0 complaints filed against them with the BBB. lack of complaints in their history shows that they are a good gold IRA company.


BBB Rating: A+, 6 complaints in the last three years
Trustlink: 5 rating out of 5, based on 3 reviews
BCA: AAA, 1 complaint in the last three years


  1. Provident Metals

Provident Metals is a reputable member of numismatic associations and other commercial organizations. They offer market alerts, a knowledge center, buying guide and other tools for investors.

Complaints include slow delivery, unfulfilled orders, broken and damaged products. However, they have very competitive prices on precious metals.

They offer metals like gold, silver, platinum, palladium and copper.


BBB Rating: A+, 17 complaints in the last three years
Trustlink: No Reviews
BCA: No Reviews

single ratings

  1. Gainesville Coins

Since 2006 this company has dealt with precious metals, including gold IRA transactions. They have a user-friendly website with many excellent tools like user-defined pricing notifications. They seem to have delivery issues but have been known also to step up their game.


BBB Rating: A+, 5 complaints in the last three years
Trustlink: No Reviews
BCA: No Reviews

single ratings

  1. CMI Gold and Silver

Opened since 1973, CMI has had good company ratings by notable associations. They boast of services such as reliable delivery, great customer service, knowledgeable representatives, and are generally helpful depending on how some customers describe them.

The website has a lot of information on how to invest and how to avoid scams. This is a company that everyone seems to love.


BBB Rating: A+, 1 complaints in the last three years
Trustlink: No Reviews
BCA: No Reviews

single ratings

  1. AJPM

AJPM has been dealing in precious metals and fine jewelry for over 20 years. They have an excellent website that is updated regularly to reflect accurate prices.

They have a somewhat limited stock but carry quality products at very competitive prices. Past and current customers overwhelmingly recommend it to others.

BBB Rating: A+, 0 complaints in the last three years
Trustlink: No Reviews
BCA: No Reviews

single ratings

  1. Bullion Direct

Founded in 1999, Bullion Direct has a very easy to use website with current news, a forum and other features.

The unique tariff structure charges customers only for the goods and services used. Once you reach your predetermined goal you take delivery of your gold, similar to a layaway plan.

BBB Rating: F, 0 complaints in the last three years
Trustlink: No Reviews
BCA: AAA, 2 complaint in the last three years


Working with gold IRA companies requires a lot of research. Therefore, we have assisted in this with our compiled list of top gold IRA companies.
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